Holistic Consultation (adults & children)

Our goal is to assist you w/ finding the original cause of the disease you are facing. Then, we offer practical skills that assist w/ guiding the body to establishing its own state of good health. We provide a holistic pathway — a mind, body & spirit approach — for promoting healing from childhood fears & anxieties, panic attacks, fibromyalgia support, anger & resentment, relationship guidance, worry & fear, guilt, depression, non-medicated ADD & more. A basic nutritional evaluation is included with this session.

$55 session

Living/Raw-Vegan Food Counseling/ Nutrition

The enzymes retained in uncooked raw-vegan food, such as fruits, veggies, nuts &seeds, are necessary for deeper levels of nourishment & healing to take place within the body. Many raw-vegan foods also help oxygenate & hydrate the body, thus reducing the appearance of age while highly improving one’s quality of health. We also offer traditional healthy food alternatives for familes to stay healthy together.

$35 Individual Consult ~ $85 Family Consult (Includes First session + one follow up session)

Spiritual Life Coaching

Doesn’t it make sense that if athletes need coaches for higher performance, others would need life coaches for help w/ becoming empowered through life’s twists & turns? We’ll give you individual attention & support to make your life’s journey as peaceful as possible during turbulent times. Custom sessions for grief, career changes, relationships & more are available.

$25 approx ½ hour session