INFRARED SUANA at Journey Wellness Studio & Hair Gallery 21


Infrared Sauna Health Benefits

Infrared saunas are an enjoyable, effective addition to your wellness plan for natural holistic healing and strengthening your cells for prevention of illness.  Infrared light penetrates at a cellular/tissue level to give you an advantage to healthy living.  

Illnesses and “dis-ease”, including but not limited to the following, have been reported as very responsive to Infrared Therapy.:

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Blood Pressure Regulation,  Arthritis, Psoriasis & other skin disorders, Stress-Relief & Relaxation,  Asthma, Sinusitis, Sports Injury, and just for Enjoyment!

Infrared Sauna vs. Other Saunas

You may have experienced a sauna with moist heat.  These saunas heat the skin on the surface with a high heat source or hot stones in a room.  This opens up your sweat glands and allows water to escape.  The heat in the air of the sauna rapidly increases and also infiltrates hot air into the lungs quickly.  This has been shown in some cases to shock the body, especially those with a compromised immune system and certain illnesses.  The infrared Sauna penetrates 1-2 inches below the surface of the skin at a cellular level.  This stimulates the adipose (fat cells) and causes a release of toxins stored at this level.  The core body temperature is increased and healing begins…


Sauna Sessions:

For your first appointment, we suggest a 10-15 minute session.  A seat towel will be in the Sauna Room, a Cover Towel Provided, Relaxing music, and  fruit or veggie water is provided to hydrate.

10 minutes~$10

15 minutes~$15 or (value package of 3)~$30

30 minutes~$25

Bring a friend ~(+ $8) any session

Longer sessions available by request.  Speak to your therapist about any special needs or concerns for therapy or specific illness.

Other Suggestions:

Wear comfortable clothing.  Eat a light meal or snack 1 hour or more before your appointment to allow adequate time for energy focused on healing instead of digestion during your session.Keep sugar and salt to a minimum before and after your appointments.  Excess sodium triggers the body to hold fluids which is counter productive to your Sauna benefits. The goal is to hydrate, relax and detox…  You may want to add a  Pedicure, Facial, Thai Therapy or Nasya Sinus session right before your scheduled time for your ultimate wellness day!

Please stretch or exercise lightly before your appointment to increase circulation and then just REST & ENJOY your Sauna experience…