Marma Point Therapy is for Energy Balance. If you can picture a garden hose that is “kinked”, the water does not flow. Similarly, the energy in the body is stuck or “kinked” with stress, poor nutritional choices, and disease. Marma Therapy helps open the flow of energy throughout the body while providing a time of relaxation & restoration.

Crystal Chakra Bowls, Precious Gems & Crystals, Tuning Fork Vibration, Warm Stones and Color Therapy are sometimes incorporated in the Marma Therapy Sessions.

Marma points are similar to acupuncture/acupressure points. Marma Point Therapy is an ancient Ayurvedic modality that helps open channels of Prana (our life force) throughout the body; promoting energy, circulation, & vitality. Marma is also noted for “stuck” emotions that we all hold to, to one degree or another at our cellular level. Your session will include a gentle pressure on the appropriate points, the use of tuning forks, holistic modalities, and essential oil.

30 Min Session: $35
60 Min Session: $65

Foot, Scalp, & Hand Points

Keep your feet Happy & Healthy! A relaxing session with all the attention on your feet! These often overlooked beauties, carry us around everyday and keep our foundation strong and balanced. Restore vitality to the entire body by giving special attention to Marma feet points related to organs and systems as well as exploring emotional balance. This offering is of ancient Ayurvedic technique adapted in Thai Yoga Bodywork. This restorative time includes aromatherapy and warm stones or wraps as part of your healthy feet journey…

30 Min Session~ $25