Life truly is a journey~We all have so many developments starting in-utero continuing to our parting days of this earth. These events process through our “whole” being. It is our belief that we are created with a triune nature; the unique personality (soul), body, with an eternal spirit. Therefore, all areas are involved in wholeness for true health and wellness.

Journey Wellness Studio offers a personally designed pathway for your well-being. Our desire is to help alleviate stress in your life, cultivating balance and vitality for joyful living. Our therapist has over 25 years of experience with practical application in holistic wellness. With a personal journey and history of coping with auto-immune disorders, past trauma, and challenging life events, helping to bring a genuine insight and deep compassion to the client sessions. As we embrace the whole person, we believe a new understanding of wholeness will be achieved to confidently go forth on your life’s journey.


WELLNESS SESSIONS for restoration, healing, strengthening and stress relief.

NATURAL HEALTH CONSULTATION/COACHING and THERAPY for Chronic Pain, Sinus, Auto-immune, Optimal weight, Nutrition, Trauma bond recovery, Loss/grief, Post stroke restoration, Balance and flexibility, Stress response/anxiety

Special Orders: whole food vitamin supplements-herbal and homeopathic remedies

additional products for healthy living


Holistic Wellness

We are dedicated to research and personalized recommendations for each individual client.

We walk with you to a place of restoration toward your optimal health.

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