Holistic Consultation 

Our goal is to assist you with finding the original cause of the symptoms, imbalances, or disease (“dis-ease”) you are experiencing. We offer practical skills that assist in guiding the body as a whole to establishing its own state of good health. We provide a unique pathway to healing of the physical body, the soul, (mind, emotions, intellect, personality) and spirit. This approach helps promote healing in these as well as other symptoms: childhood fears, panic attacks, fibromyalgia and auto-immune support, grief and loss, anger, resentment, relationship guidance, worry, guilt, depression, situational anxiety and other emotional traumas. We do not diagnose, however if you have a diagnosis such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer or other, we can assist you in finding the best wellness path for you. We as a people are all different, yet the core of healing for all of us is achieved by taking a broad view of our personhood to achieve wholeness. We look forward to offering you ways to see a brighter hope and joy on your life’s journey.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutrition plays a major role in all of our body functions at the cellular level. This in turn effects every part of us; physically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and even spiritually. Let us help you with dietary needs for a certain diagnosis, to help with weight loss or gain, and nutrition for longevity and vitality. Healthy food for feeling good!

Feel and look you best with optimal health. See more Nutrition offerings here.

Add in Mat Stretch Session for toning, flexibility, and strength. Learn more here. For scheduling inquiries, use the contact form on this page.


Spiritual Life Coaching

As part of our triune nature, we often overlook the nourishing of our spirit. The flesh body often takes the attention that the inner self needs, then our soul; mind and emotions are distracted constantly with busy days and not proper attention to restoring. A spiritual life coach will help you navigate and become empowered through life’s twists & turns. We all encounter unexpected times in our lives that truly can injure us to the depths of our being.  We’ll give you individual attention & support to make your life’s journey as peaceful as possible during turbulent times. Meet once during a crisis time or ongoing sessions for grief, loss, career changes, relationships & more are available. We do not push any “religion” but draw from the healing promises given to us to apply in our lives.