CANT SEEM TO LOSE WEIGHT? It may be your weight or a recent diagnosis of Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, IBS, Gluten intolerance, or other “dis-ease” (body is not at ease)

Nutrition plays a major role in all of our body functions at the cellular level. This in turn effects every part of us; physically, emotionally, intellectually, mentally, and even spiritually.

WEIGHT: There are uncountable weight loss programs, maybe you have tried one or 100. Perhaps you have even had some good results but only to fall back into the same unhealthy pattern at a later date.

Programs with pre-determined, pre-packaged meal plans may be convenient, but when you take time to look at the nutrition you are putting in your body; you may be surprised at the content. Not to mention the cost that seems to be very high with most trendy programs compared to buying real food. Weight loss is not the same for everyone. A NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION will help determine the best approach for not only weight loss, but for an overall healthy nutritional lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Feel and look you best!

NUTRITION PLAN: It is not always weight loss. You may need to gain weight, or have a diagnosis that requires certain foods are eliminated from your diet. We will take a look at all involved to offer a satisfying program just for you.

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The enzymes retained in uncooked raw-vegan food, such as fruits, veggies, nuts &seeds, are necessary for deeper levels of nourishment & healing to take place within the body. Many raw-vegan foods also help oxygenate & hydrate the body, thus reducing the appearance of age while highly improving one’s quality of health. We also offer traditional healthy food alternatives for families to stay healthy together.