Amethyst Bio Mat Session

The Biomat® is a therapy “pad” filled with amethyst crystals. This is placed on top of a therapy table, floor or mattress. Far Infrared Rays (FIR), is nature’s invisible light. FIR is a safe beneficial light wave. It penetrates into the innermost recesses of the body and helps to relieve minor muscle pain, increases blood circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, soothes and relaxes. Regular use can ease minor joint pain, and stiffness, supports the immune system and helps improve sleep. Studies show it helps with auto immune difficulties by reducing inflammation at a deeper level for cellular healing. Feel revived and balanced from head to toe!

EFFECTIVE THERAPY FOR CHRONIC PAIN AND AUTO IMMUNE DISORDERS. Relax on a warm comfortable therapy table, soothe the senses with soft music during your Bio Mat session. CONCLUDE WITH THAI FOOT THERAPY FOR A COMPLETE RESTORATION.