Recent statistics show OVER 70% of the population have experienced trauma, more than likely this number is higher, as many do not report traumatic events. OVER 5 MILLION have PTSD, and sadly 27-30% attempt suicide. There is a growing crisis of trauma in our lives. All types of trauma can cause depression, chronic pain, insomnia, fatigue, PTSD, and many other mental, physical, and cognitive oppressions. These effect our daily lives and health.

Our COACH promotes a confidential and compassionate opportunity to establish a trusted relationship that can offer a safe place to finally heal.

Personal experience: Most of my years in holistic wellness were helping with physical pain and limitations. Bodywork, nutrition, and energy modalities are certainly helpful, but, what I discovered early on was an underlying emotional component to chronic conditions. I began studying psychoneuroimmunology and understanding my own trauma and auto-immune disorders. I now use my personal experience to bring understanding, compassion, and insight to help each of my clients. When they realize I have been in a similar place, it helps them to not feel so alone. Loneliness and isolation is one of the first obstacles to overcome on this journey. You are not alone my friend! Many have gone before you and will help you realize you can be on your way to joyful living. I devote a lot of my time to continued study in trauma bond healing. It seems to be more prevalent in our current days. I have found personally, when you are free in these areas, other ailments seem to dissipate, or at minimum, need less attention.